Why grapplers should start with a bodyweight focused fitness program 

Everyone who is ‘new’ to fitness should start with a program involving lots of bodyweight movements. There are three big advantages in starting off with such a program:

  1. You can start right NOW
  2. There is (almost) no need of buying equipment. Most exercises can be done purely with your own bodyweight and if not, furniture in your house or an outdoor park can assist you. No need for expensive gym fees and can be done everywhere at the time of your choice. 

  3. Less chance of injury
  4. Bodyweight exercises are generally speaking safe to do regardless of your fitness experience. That way we prevent possible injuries and we are able to get stronger AND stay on the mat. It improves your flexibility as well which will carryover to having less injuries. For example the squat will help with hip flexibility (very useful as a grappler) who in par will reduce the chance of knee injuries. This is because you need to overcompensate during grappling if you have tight hips which puts a lot of stress on the knees sertraline drug.Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)Watch movie online John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

  5. Very good carryover to lifting and grappling 
  6. Learning a proper deadlift for example requires a lot of body awareness, the same can be told about BJJ (take shrimping for example). If you start off by doing bodyweight exercises  you will learn to hinge, learn how to use your core, be able to learn how to activate your gluteus… Besides that you will see a huge improvement in balance, again very useful in BJJ and lifting in general. Last but not least, plyometrics will get you very explosive and who doesn’t want that?

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