Weekly training log #1

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My first training log! I’m still in search of the ‘perfect’ format but I will adjust and upgrade it along the way. As always, suggestions are very welcome.

The plan Real world
Monday Fitness workout Deadlift Monday Fitness workout Deadlift Upper Body
Tuesday Competition BJJ Tuesday Competition BJJ
Wednesday Rest Wednesday Rest
Thursday Fitness workout Squat+ BJJ Thursday Fitness workout Squat + Teaching BJJ
Friday Teaching BJJ Friday Teaching BJJ Rest
Saturday Fitness workout Upper Body Saturday Fitness workout UB BJJ seminar
Sunday Teaching BJJ Sunday Teaching BJJ

MondayWatch movie online Rings (2017)

I love starting of the week with a good gym session. I’m currently following a modified Wendler 5/3/1 format. I plan on making a full write up on this program but I want it be comprehensive so bear with me during the making. For the training logs, I will mostly explain my accessory work because that’s the ‘grappling specific’ part.

Started the week of with lower back pain, not ideal but I’m used to the flare-ups. Working around your injuries is very important so I changed up deadlift-day (my favorite lift…) with upper body work.

Warm up:

  1. Foam rolling
  2. Shoulder dislocates
  3. Resistance band chest & shoulder work

Main lifts:

  1. Bench press 5x 65% + 5x 75% + AMRAP 85%  (10)
  2. Military press 5x 65% + 5x 75% + AMRAP 85% (10)

*Logging your AMRAP will be very useful to measure progress, that’s why you will see a (number) at the end.

Accessory work:

  1. 6 min cluster work: power clean + split squat
  2. 6 min cluster work: power clean + step ups
  3. 6 min cluster work: power clean + farmer carry into squat

I’m doing a cluster for 6 min to get a sort of HIIT training and learning to work/pace myself for 6 minutes like my competition matches.
Power cleans have lots of benefits: grip work, explosive movement… so I like to do a lot of those. Today I combined them with the focus on the legs: split squats and step-ups are very good exercises for single leg work. I need lots of single leg work because of my knee injuries, there is still a noticeable mass difference because of my last operation. Last exercise was unscripted: farmer carry into a squat. Just holding 20kg weights and squatting it. It works my grip and legs and focused on slow eccentric movement and exploding back up to get some extra benefits.


On Tuesday I’m focused on grappling at high intensity. I start of with one hour drilling/rolling with the competition team of my school. Very hard but I need to work my cardio and no better way to do it than surround yourself with like-minded grapplers. Focus on this week was scoring the first 2 point: sparring rounds where the first to score wins. The mental edge of scoring first in competition is huge IMO. Being aggressive and going for it is the main objective here.
After that we have an hour and half left of advanced class. We mostly see one or two techniques, mostly with competition in mind. Followed up by king of the hill drills and sparring.
As you can see Tuesday is kind of ruff, 3 hours of grappling with 70% of that high intensive. I love Tuesday… until waking up the next morning.


Date night with the girlfriend, trying not to splurge on bad foods is the main goal of today.


I filmed my whole workout and put the ‘highlights’ on my new Instagram page.

Warm up:

  1. Foam rolling
  2. Deep bodyweight squats and jumping jacks

Main lifts:

  1. Back squat 3x 70% + 3x 80% + AMRAP 90%  (6)

Accessory work:

  1. 6 min cluster work: Bent over barbell row + assisted dips
  2. 6 min cluster work: Upright row + Leg raises
  3. 6 min cluster work: Eccentric pull ups + sprawl

Lots of pulling exercises! Perfect for grapplers as we are constantly pulling our opponent. Especially me who loves some collar and sleeve. Same idea as on Monday is to work for a full 6 minutes and learn to pace myself.


I normally teach beginners but I had work obligations. It was a VIP arrangement to go watch the Belgian national soccer team, so not to bad ?


Lower back pain was still there so I still needed to skip the deadlift workout. I made an appointment to go to my physical therapist on Monday though! I was in luck though because the local MMA club had a seminar with Brand Quick. Lots of controversy around him but I love his teaching and we don’t have black belts close by (1 hour+ drive). A chance I couldn’t miss, did some butterfly (sweeps) + X-guard.


On Sunday mornings I teach a beginner class. We drilled the butterfly sweeps for the seminar and finished off with 30 min of rolling. Always a lighter class to finish off the week but I get the chance of using white belt dummies to drill techniques I want to practice ?

Final thoughts

All by all an okay week. Had some back problems but will get my therapy on Monday and be back to the normal schedule on starting Tuesday!
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