Weekly training log #2

If you want the full background on the case study you should read the introduction post to get all of the details.

Second training log, going for the same format as I kind of liked it. Suggestions still welcome of course!

The plan Real world
Monday Fitness workout Deadlift Monday Fitness workout Deadlift Physical therapy
Tuesday Competition BJJ Tuesday Competition BJJ
Wednesday Rest Wednesday Rest
Thursday Fitness workout Squat+ BJJ Thursday Fitness workout Squat Deadlift + Teaching BJJ
Friday Teaching BJJ Friday Teaching BJJ
Saturday Fitness workout Upper Body Saturday REST
Sunday Teaching BJJ Sunday REST

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As I told you last week, I had an appointment with my physical therapist to fix my lower back pain. I had a good session and felt great afterwards, fully motivated again to smash my week.



On Tuesday I’m focused on grappling at high intensity as I have described last week. We focused on takedowns today and 3min. sparring to push aggressively. After words we focused on berimbolo and the Kuala sweep, finished off with 10min rounds. Was death at the end of the session and felt I did some thing good. Worked full guard and tried some butterfly from the seminar.


Date night with the girlfriend ?


I filmed my workout again and put the ‘highlights’ on my Instagram page.

Warm up:

  1. Foam rolling
  2. Sitting in the third-world squat
  3. Deep bodyweight squats and jumping jacks

Main lifts:

  1. Deadlift 3x 70% + 3x 80% + AMRAP 90%  (10)

Accessory work:

  1. EMOM of 10min: three single power cleans

Focused on power spikes over a continued time: EMOM. Could only do a short period of accessory work as I had to go teach BJJ as my coach couldn’t make it last minute. Normally I skip the general warm-ups if I lift before. This is very handy for people with limited time. I do advice to ask your coach before doing this. Worked on butterfly again because this group didn’t get the chance of doing the sweeps I saw on the seminar. Finished of with 45min of rolling.


We went over the cowcatcher and SNAP… Back pain again. Felt not okay, tried just showing techniques and flow rolling. After showering and cooling down the pain got intense and couldn’t bent well sertraline tablets. Getting in the car sucked.


Lower back pain was intense. Was a bit shocked it still was there so noticeable and stiffness started to spread to my leg. Not a good sign… Lots of frustrations coming up as I have literally one week before the first competition and already got something nagging me along the way. Sigh… Nothing to do about it so just taking some Ibuprofen, do lots of stretching, foam rolling and REST.


Back a little bit better. Heating pack is my best friend.

Final thoughts

Started of the week very motivated, maybe a bit to motivated ?! Tuesday went perfect though and Thursday felt awesome… I’m going to keep it light till i’m 100%. I do however have a solution ready; this problem pushed me to do an investment I wanted to do for a long time and on Monday I should have my new piece of equipment! Take-away is; never get demotivated, there is always a solution or workaround.

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