Weekly training log #3

If you want the full background on the case study you should read the introduction post to get all of the details.

My week:

The plan Real world
Monday Fitness workout Deadlift Monday Fitness workout Deadlift HIIT session
Tuesday Competition BJJ Tuesday Competition BJJ REST
Wednesday Rest Wednesday Rest Physical therapy
Thursday Fitness workout Squat+ BJJ Thursday Fitness workout Squat light work+BJJ
Friday Teaching BJJ Friday Teaching BJJ
Saturday Fitness workout Upper Body Saturday Fitness workout Upper Body Competition
Sunday Teaching BJJ Sunday Teaching BJJ


Still having a jacked up back but getting a little bit better everyday (thank you ibuprofen + foam roller). I told you I had a new piece of equipment coming in today and it couldn’t be arriving on a better time; as some of you maybe seen on my Instagram I just bought an Airdyne AD2. It’s basically a bike with crosstrainer handles making it a full body workout. Why did I bought this? It’s using wind-resistance technology to give a very natural feeling and progression: the harder you pedal the higher its resistance! This makes it perfect for HIIT sessions without killing my knees or/and back.

To start off I did 2 cycles of 5x 1min high output + 10 sec low output with 1min of rest in the cycles. Making every cycle a little over 6 minutes, just like my competition matches. I want to work up till I can get 10 cycles of this so will be trying to up this by one cycle every week/two-weeks. My experience with this is limited so I don’t know what to expect and how fast I will be able to progress with this.

My first impression of the Airdyn can be found here 😀


Due to my back I’m taking an extra rest day. Made some cauliflower pizza though!

Bottom: 750g cauliflower + 50g mozzarella + 2 eggs
Topping: 200g pasta sauce + 200g chicken + 150 ricotta cheese + greens


Fixed a last-minute physical therapy session to be ready for the competition. Dry needling is no joke 😮


Did some light work because the work is mostly done as my first competition is this saterday + I didn’t want to get my back jacked up again.

Warm up:

10min Airdyne low output

Main lifts:

Front squats with very low work

Accessory work:


Finished with a BJJ session focused on pacing myself and pressure with 10min sparring rounds.


The cool thing of teaching is you can chose what the techniques of the day are. I showed them what my game-plan on the feed was and got some extra reps in myself!


Competition day! A full write up is coming soon, I promise 🙂



Teaching BJJ with a little bit of a sore back and forarms but was perfect to recover from yesterdays competition.

Final thoughts

Back got fixed and could go to the tournament without pain/issues so an overall good week!

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