Competition #1 reflection

First competition is done!

As I already told you guys, I planned on doing 3 local/small competitions to prepare me for the IBJJF Paris Open. Well, this weekend was the first one! I tried to write down some goals for myself so I can push myself in competition and correct my previous mistakes.


  1. Getting first place (duh!)
  2. Hitting an arm drag/single leg takedown
  3. Wrist-lock submission
  4. Don’t let anybody get closed guard on me
  5. Pressure passing (double under/over under combination)
  6. Pacing myself and concentrate on stomach breading.

The competition itself:

Small competition doing there first edition: BEJJO. Communication was not ideal beforehand so I knew there would be lots of waiting. All the competitors needed to be there by 9 o’clock to weigh in. Good thing there weren’t a lot of people (60-80) that signed up for this competition because doing weigh ins for everybody on the same time with only one scale is not a good idea. Some people were weighing in with there Gi, some without; there was a big line and lots of chaos. Nice start but we laughed it off and were glad we could weigh in early and eat something.

As there was no schedule to be found I tried asking when my weight class was up but they had no idea, were short on crew/refs and brushed it off with ‘in the after noon’. We tried to laugh it off again but it sucked we needed to wake up early to wait so goddamn long. To end the rant and make it clear, it was 3 in the afternoon before I had my first fight.

Only 4 people in my division and it were two -88kg fighters instead of the weight I’m in (-82,3kg). Did my weight cut for nothing but whatever it is good practice and keeps me sharp.

First fight is against a young guy, I’ve seen him on the local competition scene and know his game. Stress makes me go to the big boys room for three times but I’m ready. Slap bump fight start (I’m in the white Gi):

Started off with trying my arm drag takedown (goal 2) so that’s cool but couldn’t get a good grip on the single leg and let go. I knew he wanted to jump guard but couldn’t take advantage of it. End up in his open guard (no close guard! goal 4). Trying to set up my pressure passing and get ‘caught’ in an armbar. Doesn’t feel tight at all so I keep the pressure and work to get it out and pass from it. Transitioned to a double under, felt strong there and knew I was 1 advantage up. I didn’t want to gas myself so just chilled out (goal 6). Found a moment to explode and tried to flip him to turtle or in a leg drag but he had a good guard. He attempts a poorly triangle and get an advantage for it (?), I didn’t know this when I was fighting and kept going with the thoughts that I was ‘winning’. Tried to over under pass him but got shutdown. He wasn’t trying a lot during the whole match I thought and was content with trying my pressure passing (goal 5) and pacing myself (goal 6); still thinking I was up an advantage. Last 20 sec. I hear my teammate call me and tell me it’s tied. Tried a wrist-lock but didn’t have the grip at all, tried a pass but time was up. Won it by ref decision.

Good: stuck to my goals

Bad: Never leave it up to the ref. I should have known that it was tied score. I was not worried losing the ref decision because he didn’t do a whole lot.

TL;DR: Boring match, tried some thing and stuck to my goal, won by ref. decision. 

Second fight:

I knew he was a good stand up fighter with a judo background. Tried to fake a guard pull to ankle pick but grabbed way to high, I love this takedown normally against good stand up fighters but it was poorly executed. End up grip fighting for a while and end up getting thrown beautifully, recovered well though and stand up directly. The ref gave 2 point though, which I think was not correct (let me know in the comments what you think). Being down on points sucks so I had the correct reaction and went for it. Hit a double leg quit easily and went for the pass directly (over under). My pressure was not well though and ended up stuck in half guard. Tried to take the back but due to him standing up transitioned to an other takedown. Here I should have gotten side control but he recovered well. Got back to my pressure passing (double under)but didn’t tripod properly so he could re-guard and tried a kimura from bottom side. Ended up standing again and played it safe by pulling guard and chilling out there. Tried the dummy sweep though as well but wasn’t well positioned for it.

TL;DR Got thrown but recovered well. Hit a double leg, tried to pass ended up in a scramble takedown again. Opponent gave up and rote the match out. Won by points (4-2).

Final thoughts

Got the gold medal but wasn’t anything spectacular but lets get back to my goals:

  1. Getting first place = SUCCESS
  2. Hitting an arm drag/single leg takedown = Tried it, got an advantage of it but need to get better at single leg itself.
  3. Wrist-lock submission = had a half attempt, should have gone after this way more. Played to safe.
  4. Don’t let anybody get closed guard on me = SUCCESS – this was always a reason I got gassed because getting out of closed guard sucks, so I’m really happy with this. It’s so simple but very effective.
  5. Pressure passing (double under/over under combination) = Had some good tries but need to use my head more and push off/get in tripod more.
  6. Pacing myself and concentrate on stomach breading = SUCCESS – only had 2 matches and had a long break between them but I didn’t have any symptoms of fatigue.

Next week an other tournament! This one will be harder as it is a well known one for the area (450 participants) and there are 22 people in my division. Looking forward to it and will hopefully have some exciting matches.

Some pictures of the event:

My crew:

<img class="alignnone wp-image-97" src="×300.jpg" alt="2016-10-22-12-12-18" width="350" height="467" srcset="×300.jpg 225w, sertraline generic.18-e1477573397794-768×1024.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 350px) 100vw, 350px” /> 2016-10-22-10-29-02

Me waiting and stressing out = Bathroom breaks every hour


Nice building, a big Judo place

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