Weekly training log #5

If you want the full background on the case study you should read the introduction post to get all of the details.

My week:

The plan Real world
Monday Fitness workout Deadlift Monday Fitness workout Deadlift Personal training
Tuesday Competition BJJ Tuesday Competition Teaching BJJ
Wednesday Rest Wednesday Rest
Thursday Fitness workout Squat+ BJJ Thursday Fitness workout squat + BJJ Seminar
Friday Teaching BJJ Friday Teaching BJJ
Saturday Fitness workout Upper Body Saturday Fitness workout Upper Body Technique squats
Sunday Teaching BJJ Sunday Teaching BJJ + Personal training


Exciting day! I just decided to get myself a coach. I have been lifting for a couple of years and learned a lot by self-study. It’s a lot of trial and error though and looking back I probably got some (minor) injuries/aches because of this process. Last couple of months my lower back is flaring up a lot as well so I wanted a new set of eyes to help me progress and get rid of that. My squat has always been my baddest lift and I always said this was because of my knee injuries. It probably is but only partly because my technique needs lots of work. Besides technique I’m getting lots of mobility tips and exercises from my new coach after going true a well though out assessment. Yes, this will cost me money but I’m seeing this as an investment and investing in yourself is always a good idea. It’s an education as well as I’m planning on coaching people in the (near) future as well! Expect lots of mobility tips and YES this extra mobility will have an awesome transfer-ability to BJJ and overall health.


My coach is out of town so I toke over the class. Had fun, less sparring though but was still feeling the competition ‘dump’ so I was alright with taking it easy for a couple of days!



As always I had date night. Told you about the TV show problem, we settled for ‘Lie to Me’


Our club hosted a seminar, always fun to join them! Not only are you getting knowledge bombs but you are supporting someone who is giving his all the grow Jiujitsu and your supporting your/the club 🙂

Most you guys will now him by looking at the photo below but for the one who don’t it’s Flavio Behring: red belt, trained with Helios himself…


Mostly basic but some good details and cool stories!



Showed the armbar variations I learned from the seminars yesterday. Ideal to get some additional reps in and practice the new details.


Mostly rested today besides 5×8 very low weight squats while filming myself to correct the mistakes my coach pointed me last Monday.

I was normally going to join another tournament but decided not to go because I wouldn’t have any decent opponents and would just be a waste of time. Shrug – let’s focus on IBJJF Paris Open!


Sunday will be busy now: I’m doing 2 hours of teaching first, quick food break and 2 hours of personal training after that. It’s a lot of fun though and learning a lot.

Final thoughts

Toke a light week after some heavier weeks of training. Started working together with a personal trainer though so lots of motivation and extra work to be done. Next week my schedule will get adjusted because of the personal training. More info next week!

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