Weekly training log #6

If you want the full background on the case study you should read the introduction post to get all of the details.

My week:

The plan Real world
Monday HIIT + MOBWOD Monday Fitness workout Deadlift REST
Tuesday Fitness OHP + Competition BJJ Tuesday Physical therapy + OHP + Competition BJJ
Wednesday Rest Wednesday Rest HIIT +MOB
Thursday Fitness workout Squat Deadlift+ BJJ Thursday Fitness workout Deadlift + BJJ
Friday Teaching BJJ Friday Teaching BJJ Deadlift + Open mat
Saturday Fitness workout Upper Body Bench Saturday Fitness workout Bench
Sunday Teaching BJJ + Personal training (squat) Sunday Teaching BJJ + Personal training (squat)


Date night rescheduled to Monday because of a little trip to London my girlfriend is taking this week!


Had a check-up appointment with my PT, got a bit of back manipulations to keep it going it the right way but feeling good overall! Followed the 5/3/1 template for my overhead press and added 5×10 at 50% OHP as acceosry. Finished off with 5×5 pull ups.
Was to late to join the competition class though after all this so just joined the normal class ?



From now on I want to have 1 day I focus on HIIT and mobility work. This goes hand in hand perfectly as I will be perfectly warmed up after my HIIT training and can focus on the relaxing mobility work afterwards. Focusing at the moment on opening my hips more and getting better ankle mobility.

If you are inteseted in mobilty work, I will be focusing on this more and more. Check out Kelly Starrett’s work for now though!


Was running late so needed to skip my deadlift and head straight to BJJ. No worries though as tomorrow is a holiday here in Belgium so I will have plenty of time to get the work done!


Breakfast with deadlifts, I sure love those! Just following my 5/3/1 template for my main lift and did 5×10 DL at 50% as accessory.

We hosted an open mat at our club in the afternoon. An other club nearby came as well so got to roll with some new guys! Always helps a lot to try your game against new opponents. After 2,5h of almost nonstop rolling I was pretty tired though ? Couldn’t spend my holiday better than this though!

<a href="https://www check here.instagram.com/p/BMycmX6AxEV/” style=” color:#000; font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px; text-decoration:none; word-wrap:break-word;” target=”_blank”>#tb to last Friday. Had an awesome open mat: 2,5h of rolling ??? was cool to get to roll with people from nearby clubs ✌️️#brazilianjiujitsu #bjj #openmat #workout

A photo posted by BeJayJay (@bejayjay.gpg) on Nov 14, 2016 at 3:04am PST


Very calm day, binge watching ‘Lie to me’! Needed to get my bench workout done for this week though so did that (5/3/1 template) and added some volume like the whole week (5×10 at 50%). Finished off with some Barbell rows (5×10 at 50% as well).


Started my day off with teaching BJJ: passing the guard, using knee slide and what to do when he stiff arms your neck (SMASH). Quickly ate some food and drove to my personal trainer. Learned a lot again and my squat has improved so much in such a short time! I should probably do a write up in the near future about my whole experience getting coached and (dis)advantages.

Final thoughts

Got a lot of done this week! New schedule as you can see as well, mostly influenced by my personal trainer (more mobility work) and to get ready for Paris (more workouts). Writing this blog has been a huge motivation so far as well, so thank you all for following along! It makes me work more and smarter while keeping it structured.

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