Weekly training log #7

If you want the full background on the case study you should read the introduction post to get all of the details.

My week:

The plan Real world
Monday HIIT + MOBWOD Monday  REST
Tuesday Fitness OHP + Competition BJJ Tuesday  OHP + Competition BJJ
Wednesday Rest Wednesday  HIIT
Thursday Fitness Deadlift+ BJJ Thursday  Deadlift+ BJJ
Friday Teaching BJJ Friday  REST*
Saturday Fitness Bench Saturday  REST*
Sunday Teaching BJJ + Personal training (squat) Sunday Teaching BJJ + Squat


Date night rescheduled to Monday because Wednesday is not an option this week ?


Followed the 5/3/1 template for my overhead press and added 5×10 at 50% OHP as accessory, just like last week. The competition class is slowing dying though because I’m not actively asking around to come, so just joined the normal class ? We did king of the hill takedowns though and lots of sparring!


Had a business appointment today, nothing cool. Did my HIIT workout afterwards though that I normally would do on Monday. Was a short one because dead: 2x  5x 1min hard 20sec slow read this article. Was ready for bed after that.


A good deadlift day! Working on technique a lot with the tips I’m getting for my trainer. What you think?

Forgot taking the slack out of the bar for sure so that was stupid. Next time better I guess!

Had a fun BJJ session afterwards focusing on pressure passing, my favorite style of passing for the moment!


Couldn’t go teach because I’m organizing a submission only tournament tomorrow (with 3 others). Lots of set-up work to do!


Competition day! Only this time not for me but for 70+ other people ? Check out our Facebook page to get a glimpse of what we did!
Submission only in the Gi based on EBI overtime and some cool prices! We had a superfight as well and try to make the atmosphere unique.

A full day of reffing and making sure everything runt smoothly


Was very tired of the competition yesterday but had a good BJJ teaching session and went to my trainer afterwards. Worked on Squats again and really feeling my technique getting together and improving session after session! Some extra mobility work is needed though so from now on I’m doing hamstring smashes, front rack position stretches and shoulder exorotation exercises daily.

Final thoughts

Good week and managed to get quality workouts in. Had the tournament this week as well so I like how I managed my time here. Very tired after this week though so will do a light week now and make sure I’m full energized and ready for my upcoming tournament in Paris!

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