The moment you know you fucked up

Hi guys!

Last week of training before going to IBJJF Paris Open and shit hits the fan. First for everyone who wants a TL;DR:

Well, now everybody seen the image and the pain on my face; let me give you the full story…

Last Tuesday I was heading to practice, a bit tired but came from my physical therapist where we concluded I was at the top of my game. No injuries, almost no aches and my first international tournament was coming up in a few days! Was a bit late at practice but jumped right in. We went over some techniques and I was bugging my coach with the classic ‘When will we start sparring?!’ question. I wanted one more ‘hard’ session before cutting down and getting my energy levels at 100% for the weekend. Sparring started as usual but I was picky about my partners, even told one of my fellow blue belt partner that I’m not sparring with the spazzy ones and that we should go. I was going hard, I wanted to end my preparation on a high and gave it all. Practice ended we lined up, greeted… my coach even toke a moment to wish me luck at Paris during line up and got the support of the whole team. I was still catching my breath when my fellow competition teammate, he and I were going to Paris together, asked for an extra round. I volunteered directly. Again going at a high pace but we flowed well. I’m playing bottom halfguard and he is trying to pass, I pull out my halfguard lean on to him to make myself light, put my hand on the mat, technical standup and ready to jump for a triangle.

Next thing I know I’m in agonizing pain screaming my lungs out and overusing the f-word.Β The moment I went for the triangle is the moment my teammate went forwards. The pressure of his and my own bodyweight suddenly got all on my one arm, unfortunately my arm bent the wrong way and my elbow popped out making my underarm pointing away from my body.

They called me an ambulance while I was still in the worse pain of my live. Luckily the hospital is just around the corner of our training facilities and I got there fairly fast and got some painmeds. As it was already ~11 p.m. the doctor needed to be called out of his bed though. After almost 2 hours I think I was put asleep so they could fix my arm. I wake up around 1 o’clock at night wearing a casket and finally relieved of the heavy pain, got assigned a room (next to a guy who cried nonstop but let’s not defer) and tried to get some sleep. The next morning got some x-rays and got cleared by the doctor: 3-4 weeks in a casket, cancel my snowboard trip in February and will not be back doing technique/drilling for a minimum of 2-3 months. Let alone doing stand-up work, which I will probably need to avoid the next 6 months or so.

Well this was depressing… Let’s try to end on some positive notes:

  • 1 month on paid leave so now I have time to catch up on all my TV shows I stopped watching due to no more time because I’m mostly training
  • I can visit family and friends without feeling bad missing training
  • I will learn a lot recovering from this, especially with my aspiration of starting personal training again in the near future
  • No more restricting on food; I’m eating ALL of it!

This will, obviously, end my 2 month case study. Learned a lot, improved some things and went out with a BANG. I will however always wonder how the competition would have gone…

P.S. I’m looking for the Scramble Athlete Gi (first edition). This is/was my favorite Gi and they needed to cut it to get it off.


RIP and pm me if you are selling one (Europe-based preferably).


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  1. Bart Goegebeur says:

    Je kan hem naaien en ophangen zoals een gevallen held? ? Zwaar tegensteken wel… Everyone’s got your back buddy! Especially me πŸ˜‰

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