Setting goals for 2017

New year, new me B*S*

It’s the time of the year so I guess I should set some goals for next year!

  1. Move up a weightclass (82kg->88kg)
  2. 1,5x bw* bench, 1,8x bw squat and 2,25x deadlift are my goals in strength so I guess I should try to go for that!
  3. Earn my purple belt
  4. Recover from my elbow and go out and compete again
  5. Start my fitness-dream

*bw = bodyweight

Moving up a weightclass

Seems crazy doesn’t it? But if you look at my second goal, it makes sense. I love lifting and would love to pack some extra muscles with it. Cardio will be the deciding factor if this will be okay for competition I guess and with cardio being my weakest link in the past this is risky. I’m confident in ending this successfully though; my last two competitions (from the casestudy) I had zero cardio problems. My Airdyne has been a wonderful addition to my homegym. 1kg a month starting February would be perfect. Running around ~82kg at the moment.

1,5x / 1,8x / 2,25x bodyweight lifts

If you want to be a strong guy in grappling, this are the ratios to hit IMO. Everything above that will not help you that much and lots of people will probably think this is already overkill but those are just weak cunt 🙂 As you can see from the first goal, bulking up will go hand in hand with this. One thing holding me a bit back is my injured elbow but that should be back to normal at the end of February.

In March I should be back lifting decent number and taking in account my bulk coming year should look something like this:

  • Bench: 90kg ==> ~130kg (+40kg)
  • Squat: 105kg ==> ~160kg (+55kg)
  • Deadlift: 150kg ==> ~200kg (+50kg)

Now that I typed this out, this seems very hard… WELP no turning back now?

Purple belt

Purple belt was always the belt that seemed achievable and was kind of my ‘goal’ when I started BJJ. This was also because my Coach got his when I just started and I was thinking in the lines of: “When I’m as good as him, I will be a superstar”. Well, it’s creeping up on me with receiving my 4th stripe last promotion day and I’m stoked and a little bit scarred as well! New belt, new responsibilities and such…

Making my comeback

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know I got my elbow fucked a month ago during sparring. I’m still rocking a brace and will be back on the mats mid February if everything works out but I can’t compete until Summer to minimize my risk and not get a lifelong pain/injury. Thinking of competing anywhere between September-December 2017 at the moment and if I get my previous goal right, I’m guaranteed to get my ass kicked! 😀

Following your dream

Can’t give a lot of info on this yet but planning something big! One tip: it will mostly benefit my local town 😉

What are your goals? Write them down below or/and somewhere you can easily look them up again!


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