How much time have you spent on the sideline?

After reading a topic on /r/BJJ about the length it takes to get to your black belt and seeing post with and without injury time included, plus me sitting on the sideline; I got thinking about my injury time and thinking of listing them up and keep updating them overtime. It’s gonna be fun to see how much time I spent injured/sidelined in total/belt (minor injuries and aches not counting).

White belt = 2 months and 3 weeks:

  • Teared my meniscus (right) after a white belt spazzed in the first round of sparring after a seminar, not warmed-up
    • Got it stitched up again = 2 months out
  •  Got a sternum/rib problem because of doing back levers.
    • 3 weeks rest (was not enough and had a lot of problems with this over the next ~6 months)

Blue belt = 5 months and 3 weeks:

  • Teared my meniscus (left) again. I had my left knee teared and fixed 4 years before that. Nothing specific that caused this. Just the wear and tear on the previous fix. They did a double stitch now ?
    • 2,5 months out
  • Popped a rib ys7sglj. Was during a very light sparring round but the pain is sharp and will last for a long time. I can still feel it when someones pressure is good.
    • 3 weeks out (should be more)
  • Elbow luxation during sparring aka freak accident.
    • 2,5 months (will be an extra month for sparring and no stand-up for another month, competition after 6 months).

Total = 9,5 months in 4 year training time

To be continued… BUT let’s learn something from this:

  1. Warm-up properly whenever you want to spar. “Let’s start light” is almost never a solution, take an extra 5-10min and it can make up for weeks/months staying injured free
  2. Do some extra strength training to protect your limps. We are letting people try to snap them in half, give them some extra protection by lifting (heavy) ~3 a week.
  3. Don’t overdo it with strength training and fun stuff. I noticed that most of the people who love combat sports, love competition and pushing them self. Take the time to get to know your body and adjust properly. Same counts for grappling!
  4. Precaution is king but freak accidents happen. Make the best of them and spent some extra time with friends/family and be sure to rehab properly. The mats will always be there.

Thanks for reading and let me know what your total count is! If you have any more physical aches, not injuries (go to the doctor!), let me know and maybe I can give you some tips with the experience I have ?

Kind regards,


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